History of ecofiltro


The history of Ecofiltro begins with the Guatemalan scientist Dr. Fernando Mazariegos, who, working on a project for the Inter-American Development Bank, accepted the challenge of creating a way to purify water that was effective, ecological and economical.

After an intense study and several prototypes, the Ecofiltro was born, which complied with the three pillars, being effective, ecological and affordable.

That's how it began as a non-profit organization, with the goal of getting potable water to all regions of Guatemala.

 Due to its easy use and good taste, it quickly began to become popular at all levels, and that added to the conclusion that the problem of water, (the fact that drinking water is lacking in the rural homes of many Guatemalans) could not be Solved effectively with the dependence on donations, which was when it was decided to convert Ecofiltro into a company with social responsibility.

A "social business" that would focus on a hybrid approach to the problem in which the sales of filters in urban areas would serve to finance the distribution of filters in rural areas.

It was at this time that Ecofiltro S.A.  began to design and plan the construction of a new factory capable of producing 8,000 - 10,000 filters per month. The new Ecofiltro factory was inaugurated in April 2012 near Antigua, Guatemala.

Today, Ecofiltro is already sold in most countries in Latin America, the US, Canada, Europe, Africa and Asia. Making it possible for all of us to have access to quality water in our homes without the need to waste plastic or energy.