To ensure proper operation of the filter, you must clean the filtration unit every 6 months.

1. Without removing the filter unit from the container, place the complete Ecofilter in a clean area.

2. With clean and freshly washed hands, place a clean cloth on the table and put the filter unit on it. Never touch the base of the filter, hold it only by the edges. With a new sponge that will be used exclusively to clean the filter, first clean the outside, removing any dirt. Rinse the sponge with water and clean the inside of the filter in the same way. Remember that the filter must be washed only with water. DO NOT use soap or chlorine. Use EXCLUSIVELY a new sponge and water.

3. Place two clean cloths on the table and place the inverted filter on the cloths. Cover the clean filter with another cloth to prevent dust or insects from falling on it.

4.Wash the external parts of the filter (the outer container, lid and faucet) with soap and water.

5. Change the filter unit EVERY TWO YEARS.